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Noble Deli and Catering

Business process improvement

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The Challenge

Noble Deli was a Baltimore tradition with its corned beef on rye sandwiches and location in a busy marketplace. It was grossing over $2 million a year between its sandwich business and catering operation. The business’ success was largely due to its owner’s hands-on approach to all facets of the business.

The day’s kitchen prep work began at 4 a.m. and the owner’s day was not over until 6 p.m. He kept up this 14-hour day schedule six days a week and as a result, the business owner was overwhelmed and exhausted. This pace did not leave much time for paperwork or tending the “business” of the business and the details of his operation was stored in his brain, not in a file cabinet.

When an investment firm came along and made him an offer on the operation, he was only too happy to accept. But the challenge was to ensure continuity of operations through a transition of ownership.

The investment firm hired Profile Partners to evaluate, update, and document the business’ operations while the old owner was still on site so a seamless transition could occur between owners. The new owners also wanted Profile Partners to design and implement new processes so that Noble Deli operated more smoothly and profitably. With a six-week transition window, Profile would have two weeks to observe the operation with the previous owner and four weeks to implement new processes.

The Approach


The Result